Learn powerful Non-Verbal techniques of MESMERISM AND MAGNETISM at our summer course in London

Friday 28th , Saturday 29th , Sunday 30th July , Monday 31st July & Tuesday 1st August 2017  at Columbia Hotel , in the heart of  London , UK 

Official Premier trainer ‘Lee Gerrard -Barlow’ presents an intensive introduction to the Techniques of the acclaimed International school of Dr. Paret  .


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The course content is split in five intensive study days .                                                         During the intensive training , you will learn and practice 

  • Day 1: Magnetism (Mesmerism)                                                                                Learn the Powerful and Secret techniques of the ancient Mesmerists                                             
  • Day 2: Fascination  Learn how to ‘Fascinate’ with the direct power of ‘Fascination’.                                                                                                             The hidden secrets of the ‘Gaze’. Get instant results, immediate trance. Completely Non-Verbally.                                                                                                                                             
  • Day 3: Presence                                                                                                           Learn the essential hidden secret of Presence to gain Maximum success in Mesmerism. Increase your ‘Vitality’ and well being with powerful ancient techniques.                             
  • Day 4 and Day 5:  Hermetic Magnetism                                                                   An in depth study and application of the origins and roots of ‘Animal Magnetism’ and its perpetuation through the Hermetic Traditions of the West. Explore information of initiatic nature and gain great experiential entry into this vast and fascinating subject with many practical exercises . 

 Testimonials from our recent Mesmerism and Magnetism course in London

Travelling a very long distance to come to a very interesting and informative course in Magnetism/Mesmerism was one of the best experiences in my life so far. Lee was a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher whose presence was powerful and enlightening. I met great like-minded people who I now call my friends and have thought me so much in just a few days.After the four days of theory and practice, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it took my knowledge of Mesmerism/Magnetism, Hermeticism and Presence to a whole new level of understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the field!                                                                                                                         Harold Wijetunge (Sri Lanka )

”Just finished the 4th  day Mesmerism and Magnetism course with Arcana Therapies. It was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it.                                                                               I think it would suit both Therapists and Hypnotherapists who are seeking new techniques and approaches, as well as those who are interested in understanding these areas for personal development and growth. I’m in the latter category.                                                  As well as many practical techniques with exercises, we also heard about the fascinating philosophies and history behind it all. Lee Gerrard- Barlow is a wonderful teacher!               I shall be back for your tour of the Egyptian sections of the British Museum. Many thanks”

 Peter Rees 

”Absolutely fabulous I loved it ” Nicole Marie Bettencourt 

”I enjoyed the course many thanks !  Lee is very knowledgeable on Mesmerism and Fascination and he came across very well.  I found the course very interesting, there was a lot to cover each day, but I stayed with it and was able to follow –  Lee as I said came across to certainly know his stuff, and it’s made me want to visit the London museum now I have noticed since doing the course I’m seeing symbols everywhere ! ”

Becky Willoughby, Hypnotherapist ( Devon )

”The whole experience of the course was really enjoyable. Lee’s delivery was excellent it was like lots of light bulbs going off in my head.  Confirmation of information I sort off new but did not know where from.  The group size was just right ,we had time and space to practice and explore the different techniques.The last day was amazing but so much       information exchange and Lee did remarkable well with all the questions he was asked!!! Busy readying my Manual and practicing all the exercises.  Many thanks !”

Susan Delamar ( Devon )

Our courses are designed so that you can allow yourself to let go of your daily concerns and become absorbed in a very special and immersive  ‘learning experience’ , where you can learn deeply and get the most from our techniques .

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“It has been an excellent 3 days. I was not sure what to expect but the whole course was

amazing. I can’t wait to try these techniques out on my clients. I also feel that I could move

forward the techniques with my clients giving them more tools in their box as well as mine.

The presentation of the course was excellent value for money and from an understanding

point of view. Lee is very personable and very accommodating in the way he delivers the

course, he would make anyone want to attend more of his courses and hope there will be

more in the future. Thank you for a very informative 3 days which passed so quickly”.

Fran Duffy, Hypnotherapist.


“A great course this weekend. Brilliant content and exercises, great people, and a great

venue! Lee, you’ve got a real talent for explaining Mesmerism, demonstrating it with flair  

and bringing it alive for everyone. Well done and Thank you.” 

Mary Saxe-Falstein ( London ) 

” Superb course, I enjoyed every minute of it. Lee Gerrard- Barlow puts his whole life into

every moment of the course. I came away feeling like i’d spent a life time there in a few

days, yet it all went very quickly (too quick!). It was very profound, both as a learning

experience and also for me therapeutically. Lee is acutely in tune as a practitioner and

as a teacher. There is so many angles to Mesmerism, it is fascinating on so many

levels. The group was a great bunch too and I felt at home.”

Leon Southgate ( Community Acupuncture ­ Liverpool )


“I had a fantastic time at last week’s UK Mesmerismus Course. Lee Gerrard­ Barlow did

an exceptional job of clearly communicating and demonstrating mesmeric techniques

and principles. Thanks to his excellent tutorage and guidance I experienced some

life­altering moments which far exceeded my previous expectations. Not only that, but I

met a wonderful group of people and it was incredible to see how quickly everyone’s

ability developed over such a short period of time. I very much look forward to the next

course and can’t recommend it highly enough”

Peter G Brown ( Glastonbury UK )


“A very enjoyable 3 days training. The Second day saw a great increase in my Magnetism

skills and actually felt as if I could set the world on fire. The third day was most enjoyable

as things came together nicely.

When Lee was working with Norma, I was really surprised to see such a potent and wide energy field – amazing. Thank you”.

Susan Lawrence, Hypnotherapist


“A really enjoyable weekend with a lovely group of people with like minds. The course

lived up to all expectations and more. The venue and it’s facilities, particularly its grounds,

were superb and set the scene for the course. The teaching was excellent and very

interactive with a variety of practical work and plenty opportunity to practice. Lee is a

charismatic teacher with an amazing depth of knowledge. I learned lots, not from only Lee

and Maria, but from all of the group who willingly shared their knowledge and ideas for

which I’m extremely grateful. Consequently I now have even more to research and

explore. I would highly recommend this course and will definitely be booking on further

courses which Lee runs or participates in in the future.”

Linda Hinshelwood


 “Lee Gerrard­ Barlow will make you live an incredible natural experience. Would highly

recommend!” . Ester Ceresa ( Italy )


“Lee Gerrard­ Barlow is a really passionate mesmerist who can transfer the art of

mesmerism, magnetism and presence to you in a easy and enjoyable way. Lee will

guide you through some incredible experiences. You learn to do it yourself and with

success! I can highly recommend this exceptional course…

and outside it was crystal clear that the sun is an accomplice of Lee “

 Erik Harvigsen ( Antwerp )


“I thought the course and content was very interesting with excellent interactive

discussions. Lee certainly is passionate about the subject which is evident in his delivery,

attaining a good focus from his audience. He spent time explaining and elaborating on

questions which were asked of him with patience to allow others to assimilate. He

certainly has a vast knowledge of the subject.The exercises were very useful in

understanding and integrating the application of magnetism. The course was fun to do and

I personally now have more understanding of a subject which I was not aware of

previously. The course was fascinating with a strong emphasis on presence and in

the moment which gives a greater realisation and awareness of the distractions in all of us

when concentrating in the present. I would recommend this course as it covers non verbal

techniques which can be integrated with other therapies as well as mesmerism in its own

right. I will be able to use it personally and with clients. I hope to explore magnetism further

in the future”. –   Martin Williams  (Hypnotherapist )


“It was really great to attend this course, it was a genuine and profound experience. For

someone who has never practiced these sort of techniques, it has made me experience

myself and others differently. And as a plus there was such a great harmony in the group,

it was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with everybody.”  

Maria Sikstrom ( Sweden/ London )


The ‘Lightning fast’ ( Di Pisa  ) technique does exactly what it says on the tin! I know

because I was there and experienced it. Albeit, I wasn’t quite ready for what happened

next, as so unexpected. Having integrated numerous techniques into my own business,

this is definitely the most effective and fastest technique I’ve ever come across and

intend to master. Denise G  ( Northampton )


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