Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnosis ?   

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness , a heightened state of concentrated awareness that can be reached when the ‘conscious’ mind , or  the part of us that usually talks to itself on the inside , that  makes Judgments , comparisons , and engages in critical thought is temporarily put aside .. 

One of the best ways to describe it is if I ask you .. 

do you remember what it was like when you were being read a story when young and you were so enthralled it was ‘as if’ you were actually ‘there’ ?”  

In order to really be there , we in fact had to become absorbed into our ‘creative’ mind  .

This is a very natural state that we all slip in and out of at various points in our daily life . When watching a film , sitting on a bus , reading a book and so on . 

Hypnotherapy makes use of these kinds of states for therapeutic purposes .. Why ? .. Because the ‘conscious mind’ despite it being held up by the world at large as the answer to all our problems through the use of ‘Logic’ and ‘reasoning’  is sadly also in many instances our worst enemy . We tell ourselves things , and reason with ourselves, but many solutions to our deeper problems in life only come through the ‘sub-concious mind’ . This is why sometimes answers to problems can come to us in our dreams .      

If you say to yourself “It’s difficult to get up in the morning”, “It’s hard to cease smoking”, then you are already using hypnotic suggestions on yourself…— Richard Bandler 

The above quote by Dr Richard Bandler , shows how the things we say to ourselves in our ‘internal dialogue’ is often a force of ‘habit’ .. and that in fact most of our actions stem from this force of habit . Our thinking like most other things in nature establishes itself along ‘lines of least resistance’ , it takes energy to solve problems , indeed to think differently .

Hypnosis can place  you in  such a wonderful place of deep relaxation that it becomes a pleasure for you to  Begin to dream of all the other alternative ways you can overcome your present difficulty . Many people find it a very comfortable and even ‘euphoric’ experience . People emerge from a session feeling ‘energized’ , relaxed , confident and looking forward to meet whatever challenges may be ahead .     

Will there be any side effects ?

The only side effects will be an awareness of how you can begin to apply what you learnt about the Hypnotic state in other areas of  your life for beneficial purposes . Increasing your ability to ‘relax’ more deeply at will , whenever needed . 

Will I lose control of myself ? 

Going in to the correct trance state for the change work to occur requires a decision from you the client.  This will happen when you feel the right level of comfort and trust , thus ;  you are always the one who will allow yourself to enter into Hypnosis during the session .

Even when in the trance you are still fully in control , and in full awareness of everything that is going on around you  . The deepest part of you is very much aligned to your sense of self interest and survival and can be relied upon for being your ‘protecting guardian’  against anything that it may consider to be a threat . Thus your ‘subconscious mind’ will only take onboard and use suggestions that it feels to be in your best self interest .

What if the Hypnotist has a heart-attack while I’m in trance ? 

First of all I hope you would be kind enough to call me an ambulance !

But seriously , if the above example were ever to happen , you would come out of the trance state naturally , as you would sense and be aware of what is going on . Coming out of trance is natural and easy if required .