Our 3 day Hermetic Magnetism intensive course offers an in-depth study and application of the origins and roots of  ‘Animal Magnetism’ and explores its connections and perpetuation through the Hermetic Traditions.

You shall understand key ideas that form the basis of Esoteric Philosophy and grasp the Magical symbolism which is paramount to an entry into advanced workings . Lee Gerrard-Barlow will guide all who wish to learn these Arts into a special and unique state of consciousness and awareness where doors can start to open and abilities begin to awaken that one may previously have never suspected.

Our 3 days seminar includes many practical exercises of hidden and very little known techniques of ‘Internal’ work. Discover the secrets that formed the basis of ‘private Work’ that the original practitioners of ‘Animal Magnetism’ preoccupied themselves with .                         

You can enroll on the 3 days Hermetic Magnetism module as standalone course and complete your payment with Paypal at https://www.arcanaevents.com/service-page/hermetic-magnetism-intensive-course-2


*Crash course day on Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life *Cultivation in concentration skills  * Exploration of Egyptian Symbolism * The sharpening of the will power *  Internal centering and balance *Meditative techniques * The cultivation and direction of inner energies* Dream Incubation * The attunement of Symbolism: Symbolic forms and their interpretation and uses * The creation of sacred space * Hermetic exploration of Color , Sound and Scent and more ! On the final day of the course, Lee will give a tour of the sacred sites and magical landscapes of the unique and full of mystical wonders town of Glastonbury!                                         

From the viewpoint of the Hermetic Magnetic healing traditions, Lee will reveal the wisdom of the mythical mindset of the Ancients and the legacies of significant historical monuments of Somerset that are packed with sacred symbolism !

REVIEWS from our Hermetic Magnetism Intensive Course

“Having been interested in esoteric matters since my teenage years, I can say that Hermetic Magnetism course is the most interesting and personally beneficial course that I have ever attended. The course provided not only a vast amount of knowledge, but also pointers on where to expand and deepen that knowledge not only by reading, but more importantly, by personal experience using the many exercises that were taught.. ” Peter James Luce 

“The Hermetic Magnetism part of the course was an awe-inspiring treasure hunt, as we uncovered the vast history of Magnetism and the hermetic arts both in theory and in practice..” Adam Awan 

“Building upon the earlier Presence, Mesmeric and therapeutic techniques of the first three days, the Hermetic Magnetism course is a must for those who wish to delve deeper into their own personal practice and who have an interest in the Hermetic tradition or are keen to learn but are not sure where to start given its depth. Lee guides you majestically towards the inner doors of your own temple..”  A.S J Drew-Yeates 

“The Hermetic Magnetism is a very exciting and revelatory course. Amazing information was beautifully presented with great clarity. Lee is very generous with his wide knowledge and insights, presenting us with much teaching that is not readily accessible. I loved the way it was all woven together!”  Miranda Kingsley 

“Lee Gerard-Barlow has a deep understanding of the origins and practices of the ancient art of Hermetic Magnetism. By the end of the 2 days I understood the full extent of the Hermetic tradition and their use of magnetism and alchemy and how this can be practiced with others. These 3 days are also infused with history and sacred practice from the Egyptian temples to everything esoteric to the modern day. These teachings add gold and fire to the previous course.  Absolutely brilliant!”  Wendy Spenceley 

“A course that enriches the mind and awakens the soul !  As a Hermetic student myself i can say that the amount of information presented in the ‘Hermetic Magnetism’ part of the course is unlike any other in the world. Lee’s vast  knowledge on the subject brings to the table teachings that are not easily found in writing and texts, a course that will enhance your perception and open your mind to the deeper teachings that lie within you. Indeed a course I would take over and over again.” Harold Wijetunge 

You can enroll on the 3 days Hermetic Magnetism module as standalone course , and complete your payment with Paypal at                              https://www.arcanaevents.com/hermetic-magnetism

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