Rowan John Ramsey
Healer , Hypnotherapist -Edinburgh
I trained In ''Magnetism, Fascination & Presence'' in Nice a number of years ago with Lee as a guest speaker and was so moved by his teaching that I booked both parts of his course in London. The man knows his stuff, I would suggest that any Hypnotist who really wants to know his art or any energy healer who wants to understand more about how the energies of Man move as well as how to use them, to go along to Lee’s course. This is not just a gem it’s a whole treasure chest of information that is covering Energy, Healing, and the Arcane Teachings of all ages ! Taking the courses not only gave me the knowing to use this in my daily practice but also gave me so much embedding of other tangents of information in my mind. Ideas and connections between seemingly unrelated subjects were exploding onto my consciousness..and combine this with the fact that Lee is one of the nicest and most humble teachers, always open to discussions and is a real ‘teacher’. I will be back this year if I can make it just so as to re-experience the course…Thank you so much,  Rowan Ramsay – Aspiro LTD



Having practised hypnotherapy for 24 years and trained with several prestigious institutes, I can say that MESMERISM , FASCINATION AND PRESENCE is the most useful and enjoyable course that I have ever attended. The techniques are effective and there's plenty of opportunity to practice and experience them. As with any course, it requires personal commitment and whole-hearted open-minded participation. The Mesmeric model provides a better understanding of them than a reductionist psychological approach. The course has convinced me that a huge amount of important understanding was sacrificed when Mesmerism was reduced to hypnotic suggestion, and that Mesmerism is part of a very ancient current of knowledge. The venue was pleasant, comfortable, and free from distractions. The course tutor , Lee Gerard Barlow , is one of the two most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered and unlike many hypnotherapy teachers he is not at all egotistic. He has evidently put a lot of time and dedication into this on a personal level. I fully recommend this course !


Matt Cullen
As a professional hypnotherapist I am very selective about the hypnosis trainings I undertake.  When I came across this training in Mesmerism, Fascination and Presence Skills I hoped that I might learn techniques to increase the speed, efficacy and reliability of my hypnotic inductions.  Over the last 12 months, since I took the training, I have worked with hundreds of new clients using the techniques I learned on the course.  In that time I have not had a single failed induction.  In fact, the degree of presence I learned to project during the course has completely transformed my practice - more than any other training I have ever taken.  I’m actually repeating the course this year because I found it so valuable.  I highly recommend this course to anyone working in the industry as well as anyone who is curious about this ‘other’ type of hypnosis.


What a fascinating course ! On the ''Magnetism , Fascination and Presence'' course, we learned practical exercises to develop Magnetism and everyone in our group actually experienced the feeling of energy, which had always been somewhat difficult for me to grasp beforehand.. Lee is a master at teaching this material and everything was put into practice with demonstrations and practice of techniques including work with mirrors and healing demonstrations. Every day was packed with curiosity peaking material, the people who joined the course were all like-minded and we created a great atmosphere of learning and common interest. I can't recommend this course highly enough.  


Paul Ian Pow
Hypnotherapist, Spain
The whole 6 days were absolutely amazing. Everyone there made the whole event so enjoyable with their different personalities along with their eagerness to learn and their willingness to participate in the exercises. 
The entire event just flowed naturally and effortlessly thanks to Nicki being '' behind the scene and in person organizing of us all", and to Lee's enthusiastic and energetic deliverance . His passion and immense knowledge  was so evident to us all and his ability to explain things in an easy to understand way, made the huge amount of the information he delivered, so easy to digest.
The learning was incredible, these are incredible techniques with real results! 
I have noticed that my peripheral vision has widened and become clearer as it has always been blurred. I have also noticed that i feel different (Feel very good, but don't know how to put it into words) when in the company of other people and I have also noticed more and more strangers are just staring at me - both male and female . 
 I find the technique of focusing on my left foot extremely beneficial ,as it slows down my racing mind and I feel i have more self control , similar to like putting the brakes on my emotions and it helps to keep me more stable and aware.
 I have used the Gaze successfully on 4 out of 4 occasions for inducing almost instant very deep states.. The Gaze As an alternative to Hypnotic verbal inductions to achieve somnambulism or deeper works amazing .
This is especially great news for me as i now have the capability to work on non-English speaking clients and achieve success with them, as language is now not an issue and this was one of the main reasons for taking the course !
I have Great results with the Shock technique . I Removed pain and aching from neck to wrist.(2 attempts)...success . Removed a migraine (1 attempt).. Success
Removed lower back pain and shooting pain down left leg(1 attempt)... again with instant Success .
"Using Passes Only" Removed bloated stomach and associated pain (due to constipation)..Success ! I removed nervousness and body twitching (on very stressful person).. Success !
Distant Healing: "The Shock Technique"
I totally removed burning sensation and tightness in neck,on left trapezium muscle and both shoulders. (1 attempt)... with Success --Totally removed headache combined with severe pain behind left eye.(1 attempt)..Success
Also , Carole's left arm was aching with shooting pains running down arm while we were in the swimming pool, so I told her to totally submerge the arm in the pool and i kept my hands underwater and did the passes over her arm.. with complete total success...Amazing
Overall great results ,great teaching and amazing efficient methods with range of application . I highly recommend this course and Lee's teachings .


Christina Stone
The Mesmerism course was amazing! I loved the class a great deal and found Lee and Niki as well as the students to be highly supportive and nurturing towards my learning and I so much appreciate that.  Even the little things, like sending a personalized letter rather then just a form letter to the group is indicative of respect and concern for the individual student.  I appreciated the class and Lee's teachings and encouragement so much and i actually have changed so much from the class that sometimes I don't even recognize myself. So thank you so so much ,what a great learning experience the Mesmerism 6 days course was !


Having been interested in esoteric matters since my teenage years, I can say that HERMETIC MAGNETISM course is the most interesting and personally beneficial course that I have ever attended. As with any course, it requires personal commitment and whole-hearted open-minded participation, but is well worth this effort. The course provided not only a vast amount of knowledge, but also pointers on where the expand and deepen that knowledge not only by reading, but more importantly, by personal experience using the many exercises that were taught. The venue was pleasant, comfortable, and free from distractions, and it was especially nice to be able to practice outdoors sometimes in nearby Hyde Park. The tutor, Lee Gerard Barlow, is one of the two most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered, but unlike many teachers he is not at all egotistic. He has evidently worked on himself before presenting his knowledge to others. The guided tour of the British Museum was especially useful, enabling me to see Ancient Egyptian culture in a completely new light, and to see the total relevance of their ideas in the present day, not merely for historical interest. For those of us who intend to continue the practice of the methods taught on this course, I am confident that it will prove to be a life-changing experience.


 The 'Magnetism , Fascination and Presence' is a truly inspirational and memorable intensive course, full of clearly demonstrated practical exercises and fascinating information. I found the teaching concise and very well paced, with much sensitivity indeed to the needs of the group. The recap of the exercises was very helpful and made it easier to absorb a great deal of information that was new to me. I loved every minute of this course, it was wonderful to be part of a great group and and I came away with new techniques that I look forward to using in my healing work.


A. S J Drew-Yeates
Building upon the earlier Presence, Mesmeric and therapeutic techniques of the first three days training, the Hermetic Magnetism part of the course is a must for those who wish to delve deeper into their own personal practice and who have an interest in the Hermetic tradition or are equally keen to learn but are not sure where to start given its depth. Lee guides you majestically towards the inner doors of your own temple. Providing you with the practical exercises, which have been preserved carefully since antiquity, along with his knowledge of the arcane symbols which serve to remove the veil and enable one to be and remain truly AWAKE ... Which is for the student of The Royal Art the very 'raison d'être'. This course is a rare offering which shouldn't be missed .


The Hermetic Magnetism part of the course was an awe-inspiring treasure hunt, as we uncovered the vast history of Magnetism and the hermetic arts both in theory and in practice. Lee guided us through the British Museum from different lands and different periods of time, shedding light on a totally different level to what is given in descriptions or audio guides. If you have a passion for knowing the real truth about the ancient mystery teachings, Egypt or any other great civilization look no further. Over the two days, you'll only glimpse the tip of the iceberg of what Lee has to offer, it's a real treat and one not to miss! 


Miranda Kingsley
The Hermetic Magnetism is a very exciting and revelatory course. Amazing information was beautifully presented with great clarity. Lee is very generous with his wide knowledge and insights, presenting us with much teaching that is not readily accessible. The special tour of the British Museum brought it all alive further  and gave a new perspective on some of the more familiar aspects of the work. I loved the way it was all woven together!


Wendy Spenceley
Lee Gerard-Barlow has a deep understanding of the origins and practices of the ancient art of Hermetic Magnetism. By the end of the 2 days I understood the full extent of the Hermetic tradition and their use of magnetism and alchemy and how this can be practiced with others. These 2 days are also infused with history and sacred practice from the Egyptian temples to modern day.  These teachings add gold and fire to the previous course.  Absolutely brilliant!


 Lee Gerard-Barlow is a master at delivering ancient practices that can be used in modern living. The 3 day course in Mesmerism and Magnetism has a strong emphasis on practising the art of Mesmerism, Fascination and Presence in real life. Lee enables his groups to achieve life changing skills. Its fun, well organised, intense, magnetic and fascinating! I will never forget the incredible exercises and the value of presence in what we learnt. Great to see 'everyone' fully engaged in the magnetic practice. An incredible life changing 3 days!                         


"A course that enriches the mind and awakens the soul !  As a Hermetic student myself i can say that the amount of information presented in the 'Hermetic Magnetism' part of the course is unlike any other in the world. Lee's vast  knowledge on the subject brings to the table teachings that are not easily found in writing and texts, a course that will enhance your perception and open your mind to the deeper teachings that lie within you. Indeed a course I would take over and over again."


Travelling a very long distance to come to a very interesting and informative course in Magnetism/Mesmerism was one of the best experiences in my life so far. Lee was a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher whose presence was powerful and enlightening. I met great like-minded people who I now call my friends and have thought me so much in just a few days. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and after the four days of theory and practice,and it took my knowledge of Mesmerism/Magnetism, Hermeticism and Presence to a whole new level of understanding. I would absolutely wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in the field! 


 Such an enlightening few days, the course content was excellent and I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt.


I thought the course and content was very interesting with excellent interactive discussions. Lee certainly is passionate about the subject which is evident in his delivery, attaining a good focus from his audience. He spent time explaining and elaborating on questions which were asked of him with patience to allow others to assimilate. He certainly has a vast knowledge of the subject. The exercises were very useful in understanding and integrating the application of magnetism.The course was fun to do and I personally now have more understanding of a subject which I was not aware of previously. The course was fascinating with a strong emphasis on presence and in the moment which gives a greater realization and awareness of the distractions in all of us when concentrating in the present. I would recommend this course as it covers non verbal techniques which can be integrated with other therapies as well as Mesmerism in its own right. I will be able to use it personally and with clients.       



Just finished the Mesmerism and Magnetism course with Arcana Therapies. It was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it. I think it would suit both Therapists and Hypnotherapists who are seeking new techniques and approaches, as well as those who are interested in understanding these areas for personal development and growth. I’m in the latter category.As well as many practical techniques with exercises,we also heard about the fascinating philosophies and history behind it all. Lee Gerrard- Barlow is a wonderful teacher !


Lee Gerrard- Barlow is a really passionate Μesmerist who can transfer the art of Mesmerism, Magnetism and Presence to you in a easy and enjoyable way. Lee will guide you through some incredible experiences. You learn to do it yourself and with success! I can highly recommend this exceptional course.


I had a fantastic time last week at UK’s Mesmerismus course. Lee Gerrard-Barlow did an exceptional job of clearly communicating and demonstrating mesmeric techniques and principles. Thanks to his excellent tutelage and guidance I experienced some life-altering moments which far exceeded my previous expectations. Not only that, but I met a wonderful group of people and it was incredible to see how quickly everyone’s ability developed over such a short period of time! I very much look forward to the next course and I can’t recommend it highly enough !


An amazing training, so many things to take away and work with both for myself and my clients. I have experienced more energy throughout this course than I have had for a long time. Lee really knows his subject, it’s only a shame that the course had to come to an end. I experienced some great therapeutic techniques that had a dramatic effect on me and other students.



A great course this weekend. Brilliant content and many           exercises, great people and a great venue!                          Lee, you’ve got a real talent for explaining Mesmerism, demonstrating it with flair and bringing it alive for everyone. Well done and Thank you !!  


The Mesmerism course was a fantastic course ! Lee Gerrard-Barlow is passionate about Mesmerism and it shows in the way he taught , demonstrated and guided us throughout the course. Great organization and support , great venue and the most lovely bunch of people . I would highly recommend it !


It has been an excellent 3 days. I was not sure what to expect but the whole course was amazing. I can’t wait to try these techniques out on my clients. I also feel that I could move forward the techniques with my clients giving them more tools in their box as well as mine. The presentation of the course was excellent value for money and from an understanding point of view. Lee is very personable and very accommodating in the way he delivers the course, he would make anyone want to attend more of his courses and hope there will be more in the future. Thank you so much for a very informative 3 days course which passed so very quickly !  


I enjoyed the course, many many thanks!! Lee is very knowledgeable on Mesmerism and Fascination and he came across very well. I found the course very interesting, there was a lot to cover each day, but I stayed with it and was able to follow –Lee as I said came across to certainly know his stuff, and it’s made me want to visit the London British Museum tour now . I have noticed since doing the course I’m seeing symbols everywhere ! Thank you , Lee !


The whole experience of the course was really enjoyable. Lee’s delivery was excellent it was like lots of light bulbs going off in my head. Confirmation of information I sort off new but did not know where from. The group size was just right, we had time and space to  practice and explore the different techniques. The last day was amazing and so much information exchange but Lee did remarkable well with all the questions he was asked! Busy reading my Manual and practicing all the exercises now. Many thanks !   


A really enjoyable weekend with a lovely group of people with like minds. The course lived up to all expectations and more. The venue and it’s facilities were superb and set the scene for the course. The teaching was excellent and very interactive with a variety of practical work and plenty opportunity to practice. Lee is a charismatic teacher with an amazing depth of knowledge. I learned lots, not from only Lee and Maria, but from all of the group who willingly shared their knowledge and ideas for which I’m extremely grateful. Consequently I now have even more to research and explore. I would highly recommend this course and will definitely be booking on further courses which Lee runs or participates in in the future ! 


Superb course, I enjoyed every minute of it . Lee Gerrard - Barlow puts his whole life into every moment of the course. I came away feeling like I d spent a lifetime there in few days ! It was very profound, both as learning experience and also for me therapeutically. Lee is acutely in tune as a practitioner and as a teacher. There are just so many angles to Mesmerism, it is fascinating on so many levels . The group was also a great bunch and I really felt home ! Thank you so much , Lee !


The ‘Lightning fast’ (Di Pisa) technique does exactly what it says on the tin! I know because I was there and experienced it. Albeit , I wasn’t quite ready for what happened next, as so unexpected .. I have already integrated numerous techniques into my own business , this is definitely THE most effective and fastest technique I’ ve ever come across and I fully intend to master it !


Very enjoyable 3 days training. Second day saw a great increase in my Magnetism skills and actually felt as if I could set the world on fire. Third day most enjoyable as things came together nicely. When Lee was working with Norma, I was really surprised to see such a potent and wide energy field! Amazing !!  


It was really great to attend this course, it was such a genuine and profound experience. For someone who has never practiced these sort of techniques, it has made me experience myself and others differently. And as a plus there was such a great harmony in the group, it was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with everybody!


Absolutely fabulous , I loved it !


I was very pleased as total beginner to acquire many skills in a subject that was so new to me and now i can apply the methods in numerous situations ! The training was no doubt intense and Lee Barlow is a very attentive teacher ,ensured that everybody in the students group practiced well and absorbed satisfactorily the range of methods demonstrated. The whole experience and the quality in teaching was just excellent ! Thank you so much for inspiring confidence to us in a setting that requires surrender and trust ! I look forward to take up more training with you, Lee !