As a professional hypnotherapist I am very selective about the hypnosis trainings I undertake.  When I came across this training in Mesmerism, Fascination and Presence Skills I hoped that I might learn techniques to increase the speed, efficacy and reliability of my hypnotic inductions.  Over the last 12 months, since I took the training, I have worked with hundreds of new clients using the techniques I learned on the course.  In that time I have not had a single failed induction.  In fact, the degree of presence I learned to project during the course has completely transformed my practice – more than any other training I have ever taken.  Iā€™m actually repeating the course this year because I found it so valuable.  I highly recommend this course to anyone working in the industry as well as anyone who is curious about this ā€˜otherā€™ type of hypnosis.