The whole 6 days were absolutely amazing. Everyone there made the whole event so enjoyable with their different personalities along with their eagerness to learn and their willingness to participate in the exercises. 
The entire event just flowed naturally and effortlessly thanks to Nicki being ” behind the scene and in person organizing of us all”, and to Lee’s enthusiastic and energetic deliverance . His passion and immense knowledge  was so evident to us all and his ability to explain things in an easy to understand way, made the huge amount of the information he delivered, so easy to digest.
The learning was incredible, these are incredible techniques with real results! 
I have noticed that my peripheral vision has widened and become clearer as it has always been blurred. I have also noticed that i feel different (Feel very good, but don’t know how to put it into words) when in the company of other people and I have also noticed more and more strangers are just staring at me – both male and female . 
 I find the technique of focusing on my left foot extremely beneficial ,as it slows down my racing mind and I feel i have more self control , similar to like putting the brakes on my emotions and it helps to keep me more stable and aware.
 I have used the Gaze successfully on 4 out of 4 occasions for inducing almost instant very deep states.. The Gaze As an alternative to Hypnotic verbal inductions to achieve somnambulism or deeper works amazing .
This is especially great news for me as i now have the capability to work on non-English speaking clients and achieve success with them, as language is now not an issue and this was one of the main reasons for taking the course !

I have Great results with the Shock technique . I Removed pain and aching from neck to wrist.(2 attempts)…success . Removed a migraine (1 attempt).. Success

Removed lower back pain and shooting pain down left leg(1 attempt)… again with instant Success .
“Using Passes Only” Removed bloated stomach and associated pain (due to constipation)..Success ! I removed nervousness and body twitching (on very stressful person).. Success !
Distant Healing: “The Shock Technique”
I totally removed burning sensation and tightness in neck,on left trapezium muscle and both shoulders. (1 attempt)… with Success –Totally removed headache combined with severe pain behind left eye.(1 attempt)..Success
Also , Carole’s left arm was aching with shooting pains running down arm while we were in the swimming pool, so I told her to totally submerge the arm in the pool and i kept my hands underwater and did the passes over her arm.. with complete total success…Amazing
Overall great results ,great teaching and amazing efficient methods with range of application . I highly recommend this course and Lee’s teachings .