Having practiced hypnotherapy for 24 years and trained with several prestigious institutes, I can say that MESMERISM , FASCINATION AND PRESENCE is the most useful and enjoyable course that I have ever attended. The techniques are effective and there’s plenty of opportunity to practice and experience them. As with any course, it requires personal commitment and whole-hearted open-minded participation. The Mesmeric model provides a better understanding of them than a reductionist psychological approach. The course has convinced me that a huge amount of important understanding was sacrificed when Mesmerism was reduced to hypnotic suggestion, and that Mesmerism is part of a very ancient current of knowledge. The venue was pleasant, comfortable, and free from distractions. The course tutor , Lee Gerard Barlow , is one of the two most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered and unlike many hypnotherapy teachers he is not at all egotistic. He has evidently put a lot of time and dedication into this on a personal level. I fully recommend this course !