I trained In ”Magnetism, Fascination & Presence” in Nice a number of years ago with Lee as a guest speaker and was so moved by his teaching that I booked both parts of his course in London. The man knows his stuff, I would suggest that any Hypnotist who really wants to know his art or any energy healer who wants to understand more about how the energies of Man move as well as how to use them, to go along to Lee’s course. This is not just a gem it’s a whole treasure chest of information that is covering Energy, Healing, and the Arcane Teachings of all ages ! Taking the courses not only gave me the knowing to use this in my daily practice but also gave me so much embedding of other tangents of information in my mind. Ideas and connections between seemingly unrelated subjects were exploding onto my consciousness..and combine this with the fact that Lee is one of the nicest and most humble teachers, always open to discussions and he is a real ‘teacher’. I will be back this year again  if I can make it just so as to re-experience the course…Thank you so much,  Rowan Ramsay – Aspiro LTD