Since its establishment in London back at 2012, Arcana Therapies is the sole provider of  training Mesmerism and Magnetism in UK offering certified courses in ‘Mesmerism Fascination Presence and Hermetic Magnetism’ 

The next presentation of the intensive course in NON-VERBAL HYPNOSIS MESMERISM FASCINATION and PRESENCE SKILLS  takes place in Spring 2023. Join our mailing list to receive your brochure or write to Early bird pricing applies now!


Lee Gerrard-Barlow can help you with: Stress Reduction, Smoking Cessation, Deep relaxation, ‘Presence Therapy’ and Mindfulness based stress reduction, Improved Breathing techniques ,Transformation of negative feelings . The various therapeutic methods applied are also ideal for attaining Maximum Vitality with various Meditation Techniques: centering and balance in everyday situations – Self Hypnosis, Increased Mental focus, Insomnia – Phobias, Confidence building and Performance enhancement. Contact me directly for help with any of the above .