Arcana Therapies  is the Sole provider of certified training in Mesmerism and Magnetism in UK offering courses in Mesmerism , Presence and Fascination

 Lee Gerrard-Barlow can help you with: Stress Reduction, Smoking Cessation, Deep relaxation, ‘Presence Therapy’ and Mindfulness based stress reduction, Improved Breathing techniques ,Transformation of negative feelings . The various therapeutic methods applied are also ideal for attaining Maximum Vitality with various Meditation Techniques: centering and balance in everyday situations – Self Hypnosis, Increased Mental focus, Insomnia – Phobias, Confidence building and Performance enhancement. Contact me directly for help with any of the above .

Learn Powerful NON-VERBAL MESMERISM FASCINATION and PRESENCE SKILLS  with us .Write to and request the prospectus for our upcoming certified course this November 

For those of you out there wanting to stop smoking, or have tried like me, for years to stop smoking, i can give no stronger recommendation than Lee Gerrard-Barlow in 'Arcana Therapies'. It has been 5 weeks since my visit and  have not had a cigarette since ! For me, this has been a resounding success.  Everybody knows that giving up smoking is hard, especially if the habit has gone on for many years. I am amazed that i’m now a NONE-SMOKER.. I feel very proud of myself saying that. I can’t believe i ever smoked at all ! I urge everybody to give up this vile & potentially fatal habit. I for one can recommend Lee’s methods over patches, vaping, etc. I am now totally free of smoking & feel great ! One of the best things i have done to treat myself in a long time . Thank you SO much !   ~ Nicholas Jeremy Clarke , Yorkshire ~