Arcana Therapies  is the Sole provider of certified training in Mesmerism and Magnetism in UK offering courses in Mesmerism , Presence and Fascination

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Lee Gerrard-Barlow can help you with: Stress Reduction, Smoking Cessation, Deep relaxation, ‘Presence Therapy’ and Mindfulness based stress reduction, Improved Breathing techniques ,Transformation of negative feelings .                                          The various therapeutic methods applied are also ideal for attaining Maximum Vitality with various Meditation Techniques: centering and balance in everyday situations – Self Hypnosis, Increased Mental focus, Insomnia – Phobias, Confidence building and Performance enhancement.

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For those of you out there wanting to stop smoking, or have tried like me, for years to stop smoking, i can give no stronger recommendation than Lee Gerrard-Barlow in 'Arcana Therapies'. It has been 5 weeks since my visit and  have not had a cigarette since ! For me, this has been a resounding success.  Everybody knows that giving up smoking is hard, especially if the habit has gone on for many years. I am amazed that i’m now a NONE-SMOKER.. I feel very proud of myself saying that. I can’t believe i ever smoked at all ! I urge everybody to give up this vile & potentially fatal habit. I for one can recommend Lee’s methods over patches, vaping, etc. I am now totally free of smoking & feel great ! One of the best things i have done to treat myself in a long time . Thank you SO much !   ~ Nicholas Jeremy Clarke , Yorkshire ~